What is the TrustMark?

The Internet of Things (IoT) Security TrustMark™ (STM) is a certification and labelling scheme that provides an independent and unified approach to assessing the integrity of vendor’s security claims of their IoT/smart devices/connected devices.

The scope of the evaluation of an IoT device includes privacy and confidentiality, data integrity, device availability, safety and resilience.

Why have the TrustMark?

The TrustMark addresses the very real and present dangers of the lack of security in IoT devices by:
o Enabling IoT Users to have confidence in the security features claimed in an IoT product; and
o Providing IoT product evaluators with a framework for predictable, standardised and repeatable testing of products.
o Providing IoT Producers with a certification and label to demonstrate their product has passed independent evaluation of their security claims.

Coverage & Applications

The IoT Security TrustMark™ certification and labelling scheme covers IoT devices associated with, but not limited to:
o Home use by consumers;
o Business use in the office environment;
o Industry use in operational systems;
o Government;
o Critical infrastructure; and
o Organisations of significant national interest.

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